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Don't get stuck doing the “high school clutch and sway”! 

The secret to enjoying that special day - preparation!  Have you thought about how you are going to walk out onto the dance floor or how you will end your first dance and everything in between? You don’t want to end up doing the "high school clutch and sway”! 


To have a successful first dance you will need to prepare by taking lessons and practicing enough to develop muscle memory. It’s like typing or driving a standard car - when your muscles can automatically perform without you having to think about it. It’s then that you will be free to enjoy the moment. It takes time to develop muscle memory so start lessons now so you can feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor and have one less thing to stress out about. 


We offer three options: 


After spending thousands on the wedding of your dreams don't leave your first dance to chance!  Take this opportunity to motivate yourself to learn a new skill that you’ll have in your back pocket anytime you need it. If you want to dazzle your guests or just be able to move gracefully together to the music, we guarantee that together, you will reach your goals.


Salsa dance lessons in Virginia Beach

Amber & Michael Marchinetti

“...Michele's ability to explain things in a way that clicks for our mind and body. I wasn't expecting how much fun it would be and how much I'd value this time with Amber. It's a date night…a great way to be active and creative together.”

First dance lessons in Virginia Beach

Kathryn & Chris Nesbitt

 “This was the first studio we found where we didn't have to share the stereo system and dance floor with other instructors and their students. We're a little shy so it made us feel more comfortable and allowed us to focus completely.”

wedding couple dance lessons

Kyla & Peter Mor

“Michele is not just a great dance instructor but is also technically savvy. Our song was a bit too slow. She was able to speed it up without affecting the pitch so the singer sounded exactly the same. Then she worked with our band so they had the right speed we needed on our wedding day.”

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