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Anyone Can Learn To Dance!

It’s common for students to believe that being able to dance is a talent you're born with, not an acquired skill. Some of it is training but some of it is having a teacher who can bring out your latent abilities. Students underestimate their own dance potential! With our patience, clear methodical teaching methods and fabulous sense of humor we have worked miracles. Students have promised us that they will be the worst dancer that we’ve ever seen and they are always wrong. 


Creating a fun environment goes a long way in helping students absorb the information. Fun is of the highest importance! Our philosophy… the more fun you have the faster you absorb the material. And since you will be "the only" students in the studio during your private lesson you will be able to focus and concentrate fully. Whether you are learning the foxtrot, waltz, tango, swing, cha cha, salsa, bachata or merengue we make it fun!


In Virginia Beach, this is the only dance studio that teaches how to adapt dance steps from one style of dance, change the rhythm and styling and apply those dance steps to different types of music. For example most rumba steps can be done to foxtrot music. You will never again have to sit a dance out when the song playing doesn't technically fit the style of dance you've learned. You will be prepared for your wedding or any social dance situation!


Social dancing

Brian Bakaj & Ashley Sullivan

“What I liked about Michele’s instruction is she's able to get down to your level and start where you are and build you up from there…if you are trying to become an aficionado, like myself, this is the place to be.”

adult dance lessons in Virginia Beach

Catherine Mills & Jamie Gunther

“We found Michele on Yelp & the wonderful reviews are all true! She was so much fun to work with!  Michele took two people with four left feet and helped us learn a fun dance.”

swing dance lessons, Virginia Beach

Harin Patel & Neeta Dhawan

“We had the best time coming to classes and practicing at home and we hope that we made her proud! It's been about 6 months since our wedding and our guests still remind us of how impressed they were.  We couldn't have been happier! Thank you again!”

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