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Private Lessons

A Perfect Reflection Of Your Personality & Vision!

Private lessons are completely personalized to suit your needs from flexible scheduling to customized instruction. During your private lesson you will be the only students in the studio. Unlike most studios where there are multiple lessons going on simultaneously in the same room sharing the dance floor and the stereo system. You will only hear your song or songs for the full hour. Learning to dance for your first dance, your last dance and the wedding reception will allow you to enjoy your special day that much more. You may never have the time nor the drive to take dance lessons ever again. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn something that you will use and share together for many years to come! 


The unique qualities of your music's composition, how it coordinates with your dance, the size and layout of your dance floor, your abilities and expectations, and your personality are all things taken into consideration when choosing the right dance patterns for you. There are 15 different styles of dances to choose from including Latin, swing, ballroom and free-style.  


Whether you want a choreographed routine, a general outline or just a few simple steps, private lessons are designed to accommodate your learning style, personality and vision. What's most exciting about private lessons is not only will you learn dance patterns specific to your song, but also how to adapt those steps and use them to dance to many different types of music so you are getting so much more than a first dance! You’re getting dance steps that you can use over and over again in any social situation. 

If you would like to get results in one day - it just takes two hours on a Sunday - please check out our Wedding Speed Class.


swing lessons in Virginia Beach

Maria Yampolskaya & Evan Solomonides

 “Dancing is just a really fun way to connect and move together…I loved having a dedicated time for us each week. I'm so glad we shared this. It's been a really incredible experience.”

Adult dance studio

 Courtney & Kevin Chan

“Right at the first class we were already comfortable. We are really stiff people but Michele made us feel relaxed, it felt like home - we clicked right away!”

bride and groom first dance

Sam & Marianna Kelly

“'s been an awesome bonding experience preparing for our wedding. I was a bit fearful but with Michele it's been nothing but fun! We loved her - thanks Michele for everything!”

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