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Wedding Speed Class

Two Hours & You'll Have Everything You Need!

This “first dance” prep class is a one-time class for just two hours on a Sunday afternoon. It’s for busy couples who want a one and done situation. The  class is designed so that, by the time you finish, you will have a complete plan for your dance song from beginning to end. This class is for couples who want to do more than just the "high school clutch and sway” but still want to keep it fairly simple but graceful.


You will learn the way to walk out onto the dance floor, how and when to begin dancing, “dance position” which is the way you hold your partner, lead and follow, how to work with your DJ/band to make the most of your song, how to hear and dance to the beat, several spins, a progressive step, which allows you to move around the dance floor, and two different ways to end your dance which one includes a dip.  You will even learn, a proven strategy on, how to cover up a mistake and carry on like nothing’s happened. 


There's a maximum of just four couples per class so there is plenty of individual attention. Each couples’ song is determined, in advance of class, to make sure it fits with everyone else so even when other couples’ songs are being played you are still able to practice your steps. 


Please choose your class from the dates circled below. They are all Sundays from 4:30pm-6:30pm. During wedding season, sometimes on a Saturday or earlier on Sunday, an additional class is formed to accommodate class overflow. Also you can form your own class, with a minimum of two couples, at a time and date convenient for you.

The majority of wedding couples find the class is enough for them to have a successful first dance but some supplement the class with a private lesson or two to solidify the information they've learned or to add more dance patterns. 


Call, email or text to sign up for the class date of your choice. To reserve your spot pay in advance either by Zelle 617-285-1225,  mail in a check made out to me or arrange for cash to be dropped off at the studio. 

Wedding Speed Class Schedule



wedding dance lessons

Veronica & Tim Caldwell

"We took the 2-hour group class, and it was SO HELPFUL. After two hours with Michele my husband was empowered to practice, set the pace and lead. The class itself was super fun, and Michele's words of wisdom - what people will remember, what to do if/when you mess up, etc. - were with us on the dance floor on our wedding day and carried us through

I am so grateful we took this class and highly recommend it!!!"

Adult dance studio

Heather Carey & Alex Ganz

 “We took the 2 hour speed course…I was shocked at how much work we were able to get done during the course of one lesson. Michele is a miracle worker and was really able to break down the moves for us to feel confident going into our wedding.”

First dance, Brian Ambrose Photography

Rob & Molly Garrone

“It was a pleasure to take a one-time group lesson with Michele. She is firm but very kind, and makes the most of the time you spend with her. She took the time to really listen to our song and let us know how best to communicate to our band about performing it so that we wouldn't have any trouble dancing to a live version versus the recording.”

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